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Advice for growing a small business

The recent economic woes impacting people across the country and in states like Virginia have left many business owners scrambling to make ends meet. A weak economy often impacts small business owners and entrepreneurs much more than larger corporations. In response, to ensure economic success entrepreneurs must be prepared and savvy.

One small business owner, who owns a floral business, recently shared some advice on how she's successfully grown her business. She contends that a business's success depends largely on its owner's ability to discover creative ways to expand his or her market share.

Successful entrepreneurs, therefore, would be wise to do their homework and keep abreast of recent or expected trends within their industry. Likewise, it's important to know what competitors are doing and be proactive and plan accordingly.

The most important component to any small business's success is ensuring the business has enough capital to weather less profitable weeks or months. It's important, therefore, for small businesses owners to have more money than they anticipate needing as well as ready access to additional funds if necessary.

Once the above-mentioned components are in place, small business owners must be prepared to spend money to make money. For many business owners this means a sizeable portion of their business's monthly budget should be devoted to advertising. While some business owners may be uncomfortable investing in something that offers no guarantees of success, failing to advertise almost guarantees failure.

A legal professional who specializes in helping small business owners may be able an invaluable resource to entrepreneurs who want to plan for the success of their business's future.

Source: Redwood City Patch, " Small Business Owner Offers Tips for Expanding Services," Ivy Jacobson, Nov. 23, 2012