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Court finds Apple innocent of patent infringement

Virginia residents may be interested to learn about some business litigation involving Apple and WiLAN. In a recent court ruling, Apple has been found innocent of infringing on one of WiLAN's wireless technology patents. After deliberating for one hour, a jury in Texas decided that the patent claims were invalid. According to a spokesman for WiLAN, the company does not believe that related license agreements they maintain will be negatively affected by the recent court ruling.

An analyst for Cantor Fitzgerald said that the recent victory against WiLAN was a pivotal case for Apple. The case may mean that many of Apple's quarterly business litigation expenses will be eliminated. WiLAN, on the other hand, may continue to see losses if their patent suits are not successful. In the second quarter, WiLAN experienced a $762,000 loss in revenue.

Previously, the patent infringement lawsuit filed by WiLAN sought damages from Apple and other companies. Shortly before the trial, however, all of the other companies besides Apple were able to come to agreements outside of court. As the only company remaining that continued to deny patent infringement, Apple faced WiLAN in court alone. The terms of the agreements that the other companies made with WiLAN have not been disclosed.

During business litigation, an attorney may be able to help two companies reach an agreement or settlement outside of court. By avoiding a lengthy trial, both companies may be able to save valuable time and money that they would have spent otherwise. An attorney may also help a company to maintain a strong stance during litigation in order to defend against possible patent infringement in the future.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek, " Apple Fends Off $248 Million Demand by Wi-Lan in Patent Suit (2)", Susan Decker and Dennis Robertson, October 23, 2013