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Divorced military parents planning for deployment or relocation

It's not uncommon for military members to go on deployment or relocate to a new base on short notice while on active duty. While this could impact a marriage greatly, it could also place some difficulties on the terms of a divorce, especially if children are involved. How does this affect the military member's relationship with their children following a divorce? What can a divorcing couple do in advance to prevent future complications or issues in the event of a deployment or relocation?

To address these matters, it may be wise to create a child custody agreement that includes provisions in case an active military member is forced to go on deployment or is relocated to another base far away from his or her child. Military members are often aware of these issues, and may discuss them with his or her ex-spouse in order to avoid issues down the road.

Moreover, judges are aware of these potential issues, and they will often consider these factors during the child custody and visitation rights process. There is some flexibility that should be considered to ensure the situation is in the best interests of the child. When it comes to child custody and visitation arrangements, it is important to address the needs and interests of the children involved.

Military families with both parents on active duty and single parents on active duty are required to create a family care plan to be put into effect in the event of a deployment. This plan will consider a short-term caretaker, a long-term caretaker as well as care provision details to be adhered to by the caretaker during the parents' time away from their child or children.

A military divorce is often times more complex than a civilian divorce, and it is important to handle the additional issues proactively to avoid problems down the road. Those dealing with these or other divorce legal issues in a military divorce should understand ways they could properly address and resolve these problems.

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