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Fairfax Water to provide service to Fairfax County

Fairfax Water will soon provide water utility services to residents and businesses in Fairfax County. The new service area will include the City of Fairfax, which had formerly managed its own water utilities. The deal follows an April public hearing that capped off almost a year of negotiations between the utility company and local government officials. According to involved sources, the deal with Virginia's largest water utility provider will result in lower prices for residents and less challenges for the city itself.

The deal was delayed by the fact that the City of Fairfax spent time seeking alternate options from a variety of retail and wholesale sources, a process that the Mayor of Fairfax City claimed required years. The final agreement was reached after Fairfax Water made a new offer in February. The business litigation settlement stipulates numerous terms that the company needed to adhere to in order to win the service contract, including creating new jobs, offering uniform rates for consumers and taking on responsibility for existing water system facilities.

The long delays involved in finalizing this deal reflect the complexity of the final product. By agreeing to it, both parties committed to undertake multiple actions prior to the deal as well as after it occurred.

Business litigation can be complicated, especially when contracts with federal, state or government groups or agencies are involved. Even drafting a basic agreement takes time and effort due to the effects such deals have on the public welfare. As a result, many firms consult with business lawyers who can help them formulate agreements and reach settlements amicably.

Source: Fairfax City Patch, " Residents Will Soon Officially Be Fairfax Water Customers," Jennifer van der Kleut, April 15, 2013