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Military pensions in a divorce

When a military family goes through a divorce, one of the things the divorcing parties are likely very concerned about is what will happen in the property division in the divorce. Property division concerns are common in any type of divorce, but as is often the case when it comes to legal matters involving members of the military, military divorces can raise some special considerations. Specifically, the types of assets that can be the big focuses of a property division can be different for military families.

One asset that often can be a major center of focus in a property division in a military divorce is a military pension. This can be an incredibly valuable asset, particularly for military couples who are divorcing at an older age. Also, given that such pensions are earned as part of serving our country, strong emotional attachments can exist towards this type of asset.

Thus, how a military pension is divided in a divorce can have considerable implications for the parties in a military divorce. Consequently, it can be incredibly important to exercise appropriate care when it comes to military pension division issues in a divorce. A mistake made in a property division settlement regarding a military pension can have long-lasting impacts on a person.

In addition to often being a high-impact issue, division of a military pension in a divorce can also be a remarkably complicated matter. Thus, it can be wise to seek out legal help when it comes to this issue.

For additional information on divorce-related military pension issues, see our military and federal civil pensions page.

Our firm understands that many special considerations can come up when it comes to military divorces, and we are committed to providing effective representation to individuals going through such divorces. We can assist with military pension issues and other complex military divorce matters.