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NFL denies $25,000 Super Bowl agreement with city

Virginia football fans could find it interesting that, according to the city of Secaucus, the New York New Jersey Superbowl Host Committee made an agreement with the city on Jan. 15 for the use of a Secaucus High School parking lot for the sum of $10,000. The plan is said to have been changed one week prior to the big game.

A host committee member had sent an email agreeing to an arrangement in which bus service was to be used for transporting volunteers and halftime show workers on Super Bowl Sunday to MetLife Stadium. Two parking lots at the high school were also to be used. However, nine days later, another email was sent by the halftime show production company, Touchdown Entertainment, advising the city that it had chosen a different transportation option, according to the mayor of Secaucus.

The mayor sent a letter on Feb. 7 to the commissioner of the NFL requesting payment in the amount of $25,000, which breaks down to a $5,000 payment to the fire department because it was fully staffed for the day of the game and $20,000 payable to the Secaucus school district, according to the Bergen Record. He also told the publication that he would be filing a breach of contract complaint unless he gets a response from the NFL. However, an NFL representative stated that Touchdown Entertainment was the entity that had had an agreement with the city, not the NFL.

When business contracts fail for lack of performance by one or more parties, it could ruin the chances of building a professional relationship through future transactions. If one of the involved parties needs to break or modify a contract, a business and commercial law attorney might make adjustments that will be mutually beneficial for both parties.

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