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Naked Juice settles for $9 million

Some Virginia residents may be walking away with a few extra dollars if they were part of the class-action lawsuit against Naked Juice. The beverage company ended business litigation by agreeing to a $9 million settlement.

The lawsuit arose after the beverage company was accused of using genetically modified organisms in their products. This was controversial because the juice company that is owned by Pepsi Co Inc. claims that all of its products are "all natural." Some of the juices in question are Protein Zone, Green Machine and Mighty Mango. While Naked Juice settled the legal claims, it continues to deny the allegations and stated that it will hire a third party group that could verify its non-GMO status. In the meantime, customers who purchased the juice between Sept. 27, 2007, and Aug. 19, 2013, may be reimbursed to some extent.

A spokesperson for the company says that it makes the juices and smoothies with all-natural fruits and vegetables and that no added sugars or preservatives are put into the products. However, she did say that the company does include additional vitamins in some of the drinks. The company plans to include "non-GMO" on its packaging but remove "All Natural" until it receives detailed regulatory guidance pertaining to the latter term.

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Source: FOX News, " Naked Juice company settles lawsuit against ‘all natural’ claims ", August 28, 2013