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New company aims to rival large service providers

Readers in Virginia may be interested to hear that the CEO of a technology company has been trying to establish a service based in the South that will rival bigger players such as AT&T and Verizon. The businessperson came up with the idea for the company a few years ago. After serving in the Marine Corps in Virginia and Rhode Island and spending some time living with his family in Hawaii and Utah, the entrepreneur eventually began working to create an IP-based communications system.

In 2011, the entrepreneur came up with an idea that turned into a technology service known as Republic Wireless. Customers using Republic Wireless can purchase an approved, non-subsidized Android phone and get unlimited calls, texts and data for $5 a month. The idea behind the service is that customers are usually around WiFi in their homes or their workplaces, and customers will save money by signing up with Republic Wireless without a contract.

The businessperson's company, Bandwidth, has its headquarters in North Carolina. One problem that the company faces is that its competitors already have large lists of customers and do not have to deal with social media and viral marketing campaigns to advertise the service. Larger companies like Comcast may also provide bundle services with other offerings. However, the CEO of another North Carolina based company that helps individuals get out of their cellphone contracts says that long-term contracts, terrible cellular service and bad customer service may make an alternate service like Republic Wireless more appealing.

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Source: Upstart Business Journal, " To topple telecom giants, this brash Christian capitalist builds army in North Carolina", Lauren K. Ohnesorge, May 30, 2014