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New jobs to be created by lozenge company

A new lozenge company will open distribution operations and headquarters in Danville, Virginia, a move that is expected to create about 150 jobs over the next three years. The business formation by AllergEase is predicted to ease unemployment in both Guilford and Rockingham County, where the unemployment rate is currently 11.3 percent.

The company is expected to invest about $7.5 million in the move from Arlington to Danville. The city plans to make improvements to attract businesses to the once-thriving industrial area that is now abandoned and dilapidated. Crews are currently renovating the Pemberton Building where the company will house its headquarters and executive offices. There will also be a distribution center and warehouse on Newton Street where the lozenges will be handled by workers and sent out to retail locations.

The city has hoped for some time to attract new businesses to the area to relieve the staggering unemployment rates. Plans are in the works to make changes that will attract more businesses and to renovate existing buildings to provide suitable space for incoming companies. AllergEase's decision to locate in Danville is viewed as hopeful by the city planners and others who want to bring more businesses to the area.

A commercial attorney may represent a company that is considering relocating to a new area in order to receive financial benefits or locate a new workforce. In many cases, a company that is willing to invest money in a new plant can receive help from the economic development agencies and groups in the area who want to attract new businesses. An attorney may assist the company in negotiating contracts that are beneficial to a business relocation.

Source: Winston-Salem Journal, " Lozenge company bringing 150 jobs to Danville, Va.", Richard M. Barron, May 25, 2013