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Oculus VR faces lawsuit

Oculus VR, a virtual reality company recently purchased by Facebook and popular with Virginia gamers, is now being officially charged in a lawsuit for allegedly utilizing technology owned by ZeniMax. The employee in question is a video game developer who worked for ZeniMax before moving on to Oculus. ZeniMax made public accusations against the employee and made compensation requests to Oculus before filing the lawsuit. Oculus has denied the claims.

The specific case has to do with the alleged use of ZeniMax technology to build a headset called the Oculus Rift. ZeniMax alleges that the employee broke a confidentiality agreement and used protected technology without licensing it. ZeniMax alleges that Oculus VR utilized "copyrighted computer code, trade secret information, and technical know-how" in order to develop the Rift headset.

The employee did not directly comment, but he has denied the accusations as well. The lawsuit has been made official through the release of ZeniMax's 46-page complaint document.

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Source: NBC News, " It's Official: Oculus VR Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged IP Theft", Julianne Pepitone, May 21, 2014