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Summons claims Courtney Love owes her doctor

Virginia residents may follow the activities of Courtney Love, a member of the band Hole, and be interested in a New York summons that was recently filed against her. The summons, filed by a psychiatrist, states that the singer owes $48,250.00, plus costs, interest and lawyer fees.

The one-page summons is requesting payment and citing breach of contract and unjust enrichment on Love's part. The summons, filed in the New York County Supreme Court, states that the money has been due since November 2010.

It may be difficult to understand when a contract exists between a service-provider and an individual. In this case, Love may not even be aware of a financial obligation, or maybe she believes that services were not delivered to her as she had contracted.

When a person visits a doctor, he or she may not be aware that they are entering into an agreement with the physician that could end up in a courtroom. When a person enters into a contract to deliver or receive goods or services, he or she may want to assure the requirements of all parties to the contract are well documented and understood. If a dispute, disagreement or misunderstanding arises related to the contract, the parties may feel obligated to litigate the agreement. During business litigation, an attorney may be able to represent a person's or business's position resulting in a favorable outcome. Contracts come in many different formats. Some or written and some are verbal. They may cover employment and compensation for an individual or negotiating a business deal. An attorney's involvement at the start of contract development could prove to be beneficial over time.

Source: Courthouse News, " Doctor Sues Courtney Love for $48,250 Plus Interest", February 25, 2014