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Timing rules for Virginia divorces

There are many different details that can have significant effects when it comes to divorce. One is time. There are multiple time-related things that can have impacts on a couple's ability to get a divorce in Virginia.

If a couple is seeking a no fault divorce, one of these things is the amount of time that the two of them have been living separately. Under Virginia law, married individuals are generally required to have lived separately from one another for at least a year to receive a no fault divorce. One exception to this rule is if the couple has no shared minor children and has already reached a settlement in relation to the divorce's specifics. In such a situation, a no-fault divorce is possible after six months of the couple having lived separately.

A time factor that is looked at when it comes to any Virginia divorce is how long, prior to the divorce filing, at least one of the divorcing individuals has been a resident of the state. To seek a divorce in Virginia, one of the members of a married couple must have held residency in the state for at least the prior six months.

Just as there are very specific rules regarding when a couple is able to pursue a divorce in the state, there are very specific rules regarding the various different parts of Virginia divorce proceedings. Complying with such rules can be vital for a party who is in a divorce. Virginia divorce attorneys can give individuals information on the various rules of divorces in the state.

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