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Virgina restaurant forced to close

A restaurant in Virginia Beach has shut its doors after the owner became involved in business litigation. The restaurant and live music location, known as the Jewish Mother, closed a location in the Hilltop district. However, the owner still has plans to open another branch in Williamsburg.

The Virginia Beach location was forced to close its doors because the contract disputes and the cost of litigation have been a financial burden on the restaurant owner. According to the owner's attorney, the landlord was unwilling to work with the restaurant through the financial difficulties, but the plans were made to reopen the location in the future.

According to the lawsuit filed by the restaurant's owner in December 2013, the owner claims that a Toano man stole manuals, recipes and other information valuable to the restaurant. The lawsuit also suggested that the man had the intent to sell this information to other investors for franchise opportunities. The owner is seeking $8.35 million in damages. A counter lawsuit was filed by the Toano man in February. That man claims that he paid approximately $100,000 to the owner of the Jewish Mother for the recipes and other information.

As this case shows, ownership of certain intellectual property and trademarks can be contentious, and disputes regarding contracts may result in extended litigation. When individuals become involved in commercial disputes, they may be able to work with an attorney who has experience in business litigation. That attorney may be able to help a client understand the rights he or she has to certain intellectual property and might help the client pursue compensation for any damages caused by the failure of other parties to maintain contractual obligations.

Source: Daily Press, "Jewish Mother closes in Virginia Beach", Sam McDonald, March 06, 2014