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Virginia Beach company listed on Forbes' list

Valkyrie Enterprises, a Virginia Beach company that provides technical support and systems engineering for the Navy, has been named on the Forbes list of "America's Most Promising Companies." The company was founded in 2007 by a former Navy lieutenant commander with 11 years of experience working on cruisers and destroyers; the company reportedly conducted $23 million in business transactions last year.

Valkyrie has 200 employees and was listed as number 65 on the finance magazine's distinguished list of 100 promising businesses in the United States. The company was the only one based in Virginia to be included in the Forbes lineup. Projects for Valkyrie include fleet modernization and weapons technology, such as work on the ballistic missile defense shield.

Forbes chose the top 100 businesses for the list based on several important markers. The magazine used metrics indicative of strong companies, including growth in sales, employee hiring, market size and quality of management. CB Insights, a Manhattan research firm, participated by helping to refine a list of thousands of applicants to the top 100.

When a company is growing, it may encounter many obstacles. As companies continue to add employees, products and services, they must change their operating procedures and adopt more formalized protocols for safety. Many companies must also enter into contract negotiations with other firms and handle complicated business transactions. In all of these activities, new and growing businesses may find it helpful to consult a business attorney for advice. Business lawyers may help these companies grow successfully and meet the challenges of today's corporate environment.

Source: Virginia Business, " Virginia Beach company named to 'most promising companies' list," Feb. 7, 2013