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What is the difference between the two Virginia divorce types?

Under Virginia divorce law, there are actually two different types of divorce. Today, we will go over these two divorce types and what makes them different from each other.

One of the types is divorce from the bond of matrimony. This type of divorce fits into line with what most people likely think of when they think of a divorce; it involves a complete dissolution of a marriage. Following this type of divorce, the divorced parties are free to marry someone else.

The other divorce type, divorce from bed and board, is a less complete form of divorce. It is a legal separation under which the parties are not free to marry someone else.

Another area in which divorce from the bond of matrimony and divorce from bed and board differ is divorce grounds. Each of these divorce types has its own unique set of acceptable divorce grounds.

Thus, these two divorce types differ in the degree to which they dissolve a marriage and what circumstances they can be granted under. Consequently, there are multiple different factors that can play a role in which divorce type is right for a given estranged couple.

Divorce attorneys can go over all different sorts of matters with Virginians who are considering a divorce, including: whether divorce is the right choice for them, what divorce type is best suited for their circumstances and what processes and procedures a divorce will involve. Thus, divorce attorneys can be a very useful source of information and advice for those thinking about a divorce.

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