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Woman pays spousal support to husband who abused her

Couples throughout Virginia who are having family law issues are often unaware as to how the law works with certain variables in their marriage. If the decision is made to move forward with a divorce, many of those involved are blindsided by aspects of the law that may not make sense, but are on the books nonetheless and have to be adhered to. One option when this occurs is to seek a post-divorce modification to right the family law issues that they believe are mistreating them in spite of the circumstances.

A woman whose husband was convicted of a felony after abusing her requested that she pay spousal support after they divorced and his request was granted. According to the woman, the husband had never been violent towards her until 2011. She was the working member of the family and had surgery that summer, leaving her unable to work. With her husband at home on disability, the relationship soured and he became abusive. He dragged her to their car, drove recklessly and eventually stopped, swinging a hammer at her. He missed, but was convicted of domestic violence.

She filed for divorce while he was incarcerated and he received spousal support in the case. The woman's story has led a lawmaker to put forth a bill that would prevent courts from making an award to a spouse who has been convicted of domestic abuse. The law was voted down, but the victim is still hoping that changes will be made to the way the state law functions in situations such as this.

In this case, although the husband could have done severe damage to her with his acts, he still wound up receiving spousal support. People who are considering divorce need to bear this story in mind and make certain that they're protected.

Source:, " Battered wife must pay abuser alimony - that's still the law," Noura Bayoumi, Feb. 16, 2015