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Acting as General Counsel

General Counsel for Northern Virginia Business

As general counsel for small and mid-market businesses such as shopkeepers, retailers, independent contractors, technology companies and defense contractors, Richard L. Downey has built a reputation for providing wise counsel, reliable advice and effective advocacy.

Located in Fairfax, Virginia, we work with commercial and corporate leaders throughout the region. We serve the legal needs of businesses in Northern Virginia by helping them meet their obligations, protect their interests and succeed in the market.

Business and General Counsel Services

Companies large and small face complex challenges on a regular basis. The value of a reliable and trusted advisor ready to answer your legal questions can protect you and your business from exposure to financial loss or the risks of litigation.

Attorney Richard L. Downey can advise your business about matters such as:

Providing Security to Your Business

Having a Fairfax business planning lawyer on hand to guide and inform your company can help protect your business from legal complications and exposure to litigation. Contact our office today, online or by phone at 703-273-8800, to find out how our business can help your business.