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Fairfax Business Contract Lawyer

Drafting and Enforcement of Contractual Obligations

Business contracts are crucial to commercial success. They define the relationships and obligations between employers and employees, buyers and suppliers, or among partners. Contracts make commerce predictable, reliable and viable.

At the Law Office of Richard L. Downey in Fairfax, Virginia, we can help you draft, review and enforce the business contracts that your company relies on every day. Whether you are growing your organization, signing up a new supplier, working with an independent contractor or merging with another business, we can help you protect and defend your company's interests.

Creating and Protecting Business Contracts

Richard L. Downey has more than 30 years of experience providing small and medium-sized businesses with legal representation and advice involving all kinds of contracts:

  • Business transactions
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Employment contracts
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Government and defense contracts
  • Product usage agreements
  • Service agreements

We work closely with commercial and corporate clients, employing our legal knowledge and understanding of business transactions to negotiate agreements and resolve contract disputes. With a background as general counsel to global financial institutions, business lawyer Richard L. Downey now offers his broad range of skill and experience to small- and medium-sized business clients.

We are focused on client satisfaction, and we are committed to helping you keep your company running smoothly by drafting, reviewing, enforcing business contracts and dispute resolution.

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