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Estate Litigation

Estate Litigation Lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia

Protecting Your Rights When Estate Disputes Arise

Are you the executor or administrator of an estate who has encountered a problem or dispute? Are you a family member of a decedent who believes you were wrongfully excluded from your fair share of the inheritance? If you are involved in an estate dispute requiring litigation, talk to our firm.

With more than 30 years of experience representing Northern Virginia families, attorney Richard L. Downey can give your problem the attention it deserves. Many issues can arise when probating an estate. Our firm focuses on resolving your issues efficiently and with your interests in mind. Call us today toll free at 703-273-8800.

Do you have an estate problem requiring litigation?

In partnership with our probate and estate administration practice, our firm resolves disputes involving family members, beneficiaries and heirs. We recognize the oftentimes emotional and troubling nature of estate disputes. These disputes pit family member against family member, friends against friends. We make every effort to extend an olive branch to reach a positive resolution. Moreover, Richard L. Downey knows that when a fight must be fought, you deserve a trial lawyer who will wield a sword on your behalf in court.

The Law Office of Richard L. Downey offers estate litigation services designed to resolve problems involving the following:

  • Will disputes: Will contests can arise when an heir or beneficiary believes he or she was omitted from the will or when he or she believes the decedent's wishes were not properly identified. Will disputes can involve an element of breach of fiduciary duty. For example, the decedent may have been manipulated, subjected to undue influence or have been the victim of fraud. Will contests often call into question the role of a fiduciary, requiring an attorney experienced in fiduciary litigation.
  • Trust disputes: Whether you are the recipient of a trust fund or a person who believes the recipient unethically influenced the decedent's decision, our firm can uncover the truth of the matter and protect your rights.

Talk to an Experienced Lawyer Today

The Law Office of Richard L. Downey looks forward to resolving your will and trust disputes. Schedule your consultation today by calling 703-273-8800 or contact us online.