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Fairfax Child Support Modification Attorney

The divorce process, by it's nature, is unpleasant. When your divorce was finalized, it was surely a relief, albeit bittersweet. It was a new beginning, but your rights and responsibilities with respect to child support, custody and visitation, and perhaps spousal support continue. Official modification of these orders is often necessary and appropriate.

A loss of employment income may necessitate a court ordered modification of a support obligation. If you can no longer make the payments that were ordered, the order should be modified. Should the other parent's income or assets increase significantly, he or she may be ordered to increase the percentage they pay toward the child's needs. If child support or spousal support is not being paid, we can assist you in obtaining court ordered child support or spousal support payments.

Custody and Visitation

There is no avoiding the "best interests of the child" policy of Virginia law. Both parents' love and financial support are considered essential. Many statutory factors are considered.

If you wish to oppose a modification, we can make the best case for you. If the other parent of your child wants to move, making your visitation more difficult, we have a good chance of preventing it.

Fairfax Child Support Modification Lawyer

You can trust the experience and skills of the Law Office of Richard L. Downey to resolve your legal problems. Mr. Downey has extensive experience in family law and related areas of law.

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