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Property Settlement

Fairfax Property Division Attorney

A divorce is more than the end of a couple's relationship or the division of a family. It requires a new legal agreement to settle the details once dictated by your marriage, an agreement that divides the marital property — the wealth and obligations accumulated during your time together. There are countless questions to answer, such as:

  • Who will keep the house or other real estate?
  • Who gets the cars?
  • How will retirement accounts be split?
  • How will military or civil pensions be handled?
  • Who retains control or ownership over small business assets?
  • Who is responsible for taking on debt?

At the Law Office of Richard L. Downey, located in Fairfax, we help clients from all income levels and professions face the difficult and practical matters involved in a divorce. We have the resources and skills to handle all family law, divorce and property settlement issues in Northern Virginia.

Divorce and Property Settlement Attorney

You should be able to rely on the lawyer you hire to guide you through the often frustrating and difficult divorce process with a steady and compassionate hand. Particularly when the property division process becomes an emotionally charged dispute, having steady counsel that can advise you and advocate for your interests can make an important difference.

Virginia divorce and marital assets lawyer Richard L. Downey has played the roles of advisor, counselor and advocate for individuals in and around Fairfax, Virginia, for more than three decades.

Along with questions of child and spousal support, we help you reach a fair agreement through negotiations or litigation that protects your rights. We understand the family law system. We know how to achieve your objectives.

Fairfax Property Division Lawyer

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