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Business Litigation Archives

Family fight over restaurant ownership comes to an end

After four lawsuits were filed, a decision about the ownership of two restaurants in Virginia and North Carolina has been reached. The dispute over who owns two of the four Captain George's Seafood buffet restaurants was reportedly a family feud. According to their attorney, the married couple that opened the establishments is grateful to have resolved the business litigation with their two adult daughters.

Startup taxi services sued by competitors

Seven taxi companies filed a lawsuit in Fairfax Circuit Court in Virginia on July 18 claiming that startup companies Uber and Lyft were operating without proper permits. The two companies allow people to download an app and then use that app to request a ride from anyone nearby offering their services through the companies. The majority of the plaintiffs are operated by Stafford Limousine, Inc., which is based in Richmond and operates in the central and northern parts of the state.

Supreme Court upholds decision favoring class actions

Virginia shareholders may be interested in reading about a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision. The Court ruled that, although shareholders will still be allowed to bring class action lawsuits against companies, there will be new requirements for shareholders who are bringing securities fraud class actions.

Oculus VR faces lawsuit

Oculus VR, a virtual reality company recently purchased by Facebook and popular with Virginia gamers, is now being officially charged in a lawsuit for allegedly utilizing technology owned by ZeniMax. The employee in question is a video game developer who worked for ZeniMax before moving on to Oculus. ZeniMax made public accusations against the employee and made compensation requests to Oculus before filing the lawsuit. Oculus has denied the claims.

Virginia Intermont may lose accreditation after financial woes

In late April, the president of Virginia Intermont College announced that following an unsuccessful attempt to merge with another educational institution, the college will soon lose its accreditation. The announcement followed an estimated seven-year struggle over finances, and in 2013, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges held a vote that resulted in VI losing its membership and accreditation.

Beneficial breach may still bring legal action

Virginia business owners may want to pay heed to a recent decision resulting from a lawsuit brought by Fletcher International, Ltd. against Ion Geophysical Corporation. In 2009, Ion entered into an agreement to raise financing that it needed to stay liquid and avoid bankruptcy. Contractually, it was required to obtain approval from Fletcher before entering into one part of the financing arrangement but it failed to do so.

Virgina restaurant forced to close

A restaurant in Virginia Beach has shut its doors after the owner became involved in business litigation. The restaurant and live music location, known as the Jewish Mother, closed a location in the Hilltop district. However, the owner still has plans to open another branch in Williamsburg.

Lisa Kudrow's ex-manager wins $1.6 million lawsuit against star

Actress Lisa Kudrow is best known for her role as Phoebe on the popular 90s sitcom, "Friends," and it was money earned during this time that was the subject of a lawsuit against her. Kudrow's former manager alleged that his client had failed to pay him fees owed from her earnings from "Friends." She played Phoebe throughout the entire run of the show that was hugely popular in Virginia and around the country. He claimed that Kudrow was in breach of contract, according to KABC. A jury in the civil suit sided with the manager. Kudrow has been ordered to pay him $1.6 million.

Summons claims Courtney Love owes her doctor

Virginia residents may follow the activities of Courtney Love, a member of the band Hole, and be interested in a New York summons that was recently filed against her. The summons, filed by a psychiatrist, states that the singer owes $48,250.00, plus costs, interest and lawyer fees.

Yelp reviews lead to court ruling

Consumers in Virginia and around the country are increasingly turning to websites such as to get opinions on various restaurants and businesses when they are deciding where to eat or shop. Although the reviews are usually posted anonymously or under screen names, they are often relied upon and given great weight. A carpet cleaning business in Alexandria, Virginia, went to court seeking the names of people who left negative reviews on the Yelp website.

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