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Contract Disputes Archives

Virginia timber company faces breach of contract case in court

A timber company is facing a breach of contract lawsuit filed by a Virginia man on April 11 in Raleigh County Court. The complaint, which was filed by TKL Timber, alleges that the defendant, East River Timber LLC, was in breach of a business contract. The plaintiff is also citing breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing as a cause of action in the case, according to a report.

NFL denies $25,000 Super Bowl agreement with city

Virginia football fans could find it interesting that, according to the city of Secaucus, the New York New Jersey Superbowl Host Committee made an agreement with the city on Jan. 15 for the use of a Secaucus High School parking lot for the sum of $10,000. The plan is said to have been changed one week prior to the big game.

Government joins lawsuit against employee vetting company

Virginia residents may be interested in the story of a government contractor accused of failing to uphold its side of a significant annual contract. A recent filing by the U.S. Department of Justice alleges that the company failed to properly vet government employees.

Video game company settles with Beyonce after broken contract

Virginia residents may be aware that a lawsuit between the famous singer Beyonce and a video game company has ended with a settlement. The video game company had alleged that the singer had a contract with them to create a motion-based dancing game. The video game company, Gate Five, filed a lawsuit, which stated that Beyonce had requested more compensation for the video game. The higher compensation demands were stated by Gate Five to have caused one investor to pull out of the project. The lack of financing allegedly forced Gate Five to let go of 70 employees.

LifePoint and Fauquier agree to form joint venture

With LifePoint Hospitals playing an active role in recent hospital mergers and acquisitions, the Brentwood, Tennessee organization has signed a memorandum of understanding with Fauquier Health in Warrenton, Virginia. The contract sets forth the parties' intent to form a joint venture. Under the terms of the non-binding agreement, LifePoint would invest an undisclosed amount of money in Fauquier's business. The transaction will also result in an elimination of Fauquier's debt, and LifePoint will gain a majority ownership in Fauquier although both organizations will retain equal control of their respective organizations. The two entities will also cooperate in a number of other efforts including a campaign to recruit more physicians and the creation of a new charitable foundation.

University of Virginia property seizure follows contract dispute

A professor with the university of Virginia claims his rights were violated in a search and seizure of his home by campus police that followed an employment dispute with the university. The search warrant affidavit claimed that the professor was using University assets to conduct a private business, yet an attorney for the professor states that many of the items seized during the search held confidential information that was relevant to a contract dispute. In response, the professor filed a civil suit seeking $100,000 in damages from the university and the return of all property, which includes several hundred files and computer drives. Meanwhile, campus police in possession of this material are asking for help from other law enforcement agencies in processing it.

Contract dispute between network, talent company over Gaga show

A Russian television network and two entertainment companies are locked in a contract dispute over a proposed Lady Gaga performance during an award show. After a federal judge granted summary judgment to the network, saying that the other parties were in breach of the contract, he also said that the parties must continue on to trial to examine the facts before any of the disputed money is released to any of the parties.

Lawsuit with franchisees shows complexity of business litigation

Disclosure documents that were recently filed following the sale of Quiznos Franchising Company LLC have shed a lot of light on the company's financial and legal difficulties in recent years. The disclosure shows that in-store sales are down and the number of stores has dramatically decreased in recent years, which is unwelcome news for any company.

Dish Network, Cablevision engaged in contract dispute

Dish Network, a satellite television provider operating in many localities in Virginia is currently headed to trial over a $2 billion contract dispute between itself and Cablevision, which provided programming for several of Dish Network's high-definition channels.

JC Penney hit with contract lawsuit in new battle with Macy's

For the second time this year, Macy's has filed a lawsuit over an ongoing contractual disagreement regarding Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia products. Macy's claims they have an exclusive right to sell the products, but earlier this year MSLO penned a deal with J.C. Penney for the similar rights.

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