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Mergers & Acquisitions Archives

Virginia Heritage Bank branch office acquired by Cardinal Bank

Cardinal Financial Corporation recently announced that Cardinal Bank, its wholly owned subsidiary, will acquire the Gainesville, Virginia, branch office of Virginia Heritage Bank. Cardinal Financial Corporation, headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia, has assets of about $3.28 billion. Cardinal Bank has approximately 31 locations serving the greater Washington, D.C., area.

Ranking the success of Google's aquisitions

Virginia residents are likely aware that Google is one of the leading lights of the information age. The Mountain View company has grown from humble beginnings to become a leader in the technology sector, and acquisitions have played no small part in this growth. Google has acquired 145 companies in the decade since its initial public offering, and some of these moves have paid off handsomely.

Virginia residents could be impacted by acquisitions

Discount stores Dollar General and Dollar Tree are in a fight to acquire Family Dollar in a climate that has seen an increase in mergers and acquisitions. The reasons cited for the rise in such transactions are low interest rates to finance these deals as well as more money being invested in companies through the stock market. In addition, businesses hope that mergers will improve profits in an economy that is still sluggish.

Merger might affect homebuyers in Virginia

Zillow has reportedly made a $3.5 billion bid to purchase Trulia, its chief rival. Zillow first launched in the 2004 and went public in 2011 while Trulia went public in 2012. The deal is expected to create a company that is the largest provider of online real estate listings, and estimates suggest that Zillow will be able to attract mobile users who are becoming the fastest growing segment of Internet users.

Cable industry giants seeking mergers and acquisitions

Virginia businesses may be interested in some of the cost issues that cable companies are facing with regard to sports content. These issues may be connected with two high-profile mergers between industry heavyweights already in the works.

Lockheed swoops up another business

Lockheed Martin Corporation, like other defense businesses around the nation, has suffered from a business freeze. However, that could be changing nationally as mergers are now stepping up and acquisitions are increasing. Lockheed participated in another deal in June of this year, the fourth such acquisition in recent months, when it purchased the Fairfax, Virginia, company Zeta Associates, Inc., which has approximately 350 employees.

Virginia security company looks to expand after merger

The owner of a Virginia security business says that he plans to continue to run his organization as before after it merges with a large New York based security concern. He started the company in 2010 after serving for eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps. The merger came about after a party familiar with both companies recommended the Spotsylvania County firm after being pleased with the results it delivered.

Cement industry shows signs of resurgence

Virginia residents involved in the field of construction may be interested to read that the cement industry may be a barometer for the recovering construction industry, according to experts. The gross amount of business transactions in this industry topped $22 billion in the past 12 months, the highest level since May 2008, and there is talk of a merger between two of the world's biggest cement makers.

Recently merged Virginia banks complete operational changes

Final changes have been made at two recently merged Virginia banks, allowing them to begin operating as one. In late March, C&F Financial Corp., the holding company for C&F Bank, announced that Central Virginia Bank will now begin operating as C&F Bank. Central Virginia Bank was acquired in October 2013, but the banks operated separately until March, according to company officials. The completion of the merger adds seven branches to the C&F operations for a total of 25.

Virginia company agrees to $1.6 billion deal

Media General Inc., a firm based in Virginia, has recently agreed to acquire Texas-based LIN Media LLC at an approximate price of $1.6 billion. Adjusted for an additional $968 million of debt, the acquisition will cost Media General approximately $2.6 billion. This deal is one of many recent acquisitions of local-television broadcasters across the country. In the past year, both Tribune Co. and Gannett Co. have made similar moves.

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