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Fairfax Estate Planning

Building the Future You Want

You should determine how your estate should pass, rather than a probate judge deciding how your estate will be distributed under Virginia's intestate succession statute.

At the Law Office of Richard L. Downey in Fairfax, Virginia, we understand that no one wants to make hard decisions about estate planning, particularly not when you can postpone it until tomorrow. But, consider what happens if you run out of tomorrows and fail to create a will or trust.

  • Will your family find themselves in conflict because of decisions you didn't make?

  • Will your property be distributed to the people who deserve it?

  • Will your minor children be cared for as you wish?

  • Will your medical wishes be met if you are permanently incapacitated?

You make a choice every day. Either you choose to build a future for yourself, your family and your estate to meet your wishes, or you choose not to. Call our firm today at 703-273-8800 to arrange your consultation.

Complete Estate Planning Support

Richard L. Downey, will sit down with you to fully evaluate your situation and your estate planning needs. We are committed to serving our clients, and we take the time to design a unique and tailored plan that meets your goals.

We help you make the best use of a full range of estate planning tools, such as:

  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Declarations of natural death (living wills)

  • Medical directives

  • Nursing home planning

  • Powers of attorney

  • Conservatorship and guardianship

Creating a long-term estate plan with a trusted and experienced lawyer can help you care for yourself, your property and your family during and after your life.

Don't Leave Your Estate Unprotected

Estate planning can be a difficult issue to address, but doing so can pay dividends in the future by saving your family, children and other heirs difficulty in the wake of your death. Our lawyer works with you to create a long-term and reliable plan. Contact us online or by phone at 703-273-8800 to take the first steps toward estate planning today.

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