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Family Law 

A Compassionate, Experienced and Proven Law Office

At the Law Office of Richard L. Downey in Fairfax, Virginia we understand that every client approaches family conflicts differently. Many of the clients we serve are devastated by the prospect of divorce, others are furious while still many others simply come to us uncertain about how to proceed or where to turn. Family law and divorce practice requires an intense focus on every client's unique needs, and unless you work with an attorney who can provide empathy and work effectively in and out of the courtroom, you may not get the kind of representation you deserve.

You can expect more from your family law attorney. Call us today toll free at 703-273-8800 to schedule your consultation.

We understand that our role in your case can be much larger. For clients who are looking for something more from an attorney than a courtroom appearance and a bill, we strive to fill that role. For the clients who find value and solace from our approach, we can be the olive branch, the fiery sword, the trusted counselor or the sympathetic ear.


Excellence In and Out of the Courtroom

The focus of our family law practice is the needs and goals of clients who are facing a divorce and the wide range of associated legal complications. Attorney Richard L. Downey has a very simple approach to the way he handles cases — he always tries from the outset to negotiate a fair resolution that respects the rights and needs of our client. If that fails, we employ courtroom experience and the abilities of a board-certified trial attorney to aggressively pursue your objectives. Whether seeking resolutions to child custody disputes or negotiating property settlements, we protect your interests and your future.

When the olive branch is rejected, our divorce lawyer is prepared to wield the sword to resolve questions of:

  • Property division

  • Child custody and visitation

  • Military divorce

  • Distribution of military pensions and federal civil pensions

  • Spousal support and alimony

  • Child support

Our office also serves the emotional needs of our clients, and we understand the role we can play as counselors. This isn't a facet of our practice the every client needs or wants and we are careful to respect your wishes, but for some, particularly those who come from a place of spiritual faith, the tragedy of divorce is devastating. Working with us, you can work with a Christian family law attorney who is committed to serving all clients with kindness, compassion and commitment.

We can guide, advise, counsel and support you through dark and difficult days.

Schedule a Consultation to Meet with Our Lawyer

Call our office today at 703-273-8800 or contact us online to schedule an appointment to sit down with a legal professional.

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